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Zhantai (Platform) (2000)  - a performance troupe changes with the changes in the political climate in China Yi ge dou bu neng shao (Not One Less) (1999)- a rural Communist confronts post-Deng modernization efforts in contemporary China. 1700 BC - 550 AD) Haryanka dynasty / Shishunaga dynasty (684424 BC) Amrapali (1966)  - Bimbisara (544491 BC founder of the first Magadhan empire, fights for the beautiful Amrapali, royal courtesan of the republic of Vaishali Shakya Dynasty

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(c. Lincoln X Tad (1995)  -  Abraham Lincoln and his son Tad X Lincoln (2012)  -  Lincoln tries to get the states to ratify the constitutional amendment that bans slavery from the United States Class of '61 (1993)  - graduates of West Point enter the Civil. (1945) -  wwii Brits invade Burma Biruma no tategoto (Burmese Harp) (1956)  - Brits have to attack Japanese forces in Burma as late as July, 1945 Yesterday's Enemy (1959)  -  British unit takes a Burmese village recently controlled by the Japanese; to get info from. (1982) -  brilliant but risky move by MacArthur in Korean War turns the tide for awhile Retreat, Hell!

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Lee Harvey Oswald (1993)  - widow of Oswald tells her story X Ruby (1992)  - Jack Ruby, killer of JFK's assassin ( involved with mobsters) Sinatra (1992) - another one involved with mobsters and the Kennedys X Hoffa (1992) - teamster union leader deep enemy. foundation OF THE roman empire Julius Caesar: Julius Caesar (2002)  - solid telling in this mini-series of the Caesar tale; Jeremy Sisto as Julius Caesar Samuela Sardo as Cleopatra X Julius Caesar (1984)  -  Janet Baker as Caesar; Valerie Masterson as Cleopatra; made for Tulius. Fascism IN another corner  - argentina Camila (1984)  - was Argentina a fascist country from the very start? Sun Yat-sen) (1986) Sun Yat-sen X The Founding of a Party ( Beginning of the Great Revival) (2011) - Chinese Revolution, the period from 1911 to 1921, when Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty to the rise of the Communist Party and its leader Mao. 1866, based on cattle drivers Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight out of Texas Red River (1948) - 1867, Chisholm Trail to Abilene, John Wayne Abilene Town (1946)  - at the end of the Chisholm Trail X Thousand Pieces of Gold (1991)  -  Chinese immigrant woman. Renaissance, reformation catholic counter-revolution.1. (1959)  -  a government agent infiltrates the vigilante group the Jayhawkers (bushwhackers were pro-South and Jayhawkers were pro-union, non-military guerilla raiders) Seven Angry Men (1955) - John Brown (Raymond Massey) Santa Fe Trail (1940)  - on trail of John Brown; 1856 Pottawatomie Creek massacre; 1859. (Blame It on Fidel!) (2006) a married couple in Paris become radicalized which deeply affects their nine year old child Presidente Mitterrand le Promeneur du champ de Mars (President Mitterrand) (2005)  -  ambivalent portrait of President Francois Mitterrand (1981-1995) xiii.8. . Nazaire, France, March 28, 1942 Above Us the Waves (1955)  - a British midget submarine raid damages German battleship Tirpitz, September 1943 Proud (2004) -  the USS Mason, with an African-American crew, was the only such ship to sail into combat, fighting Nazi U-boats.

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Johns, Canada, but land up in a little place called Random, Canada Tecumseh (1972) - East German film of famed warrior Tecumseh (1768-1813) battling the Americans in the northwest frontier and in Canada Mormons: The Times and Teachings of Joseph Smith (2011) - the teaching. Gregorio del Pilar (1949) Philippine hero of the Philippine-American War (Filipino Tagalog ) The Real Glory (1939) - doctor in Philippines after Spanish-American War, in second phase of the Philippine-American War, 1906 Hawaii: Princess Ka'iulani (Princess Kaiulani) (2009) - a government overthrown by American. The World Unseen (2007) - the Indian community and its reaction to apartheid illustrated by the problems faced by two women establishing a relationship Promised Land (2002) - post-Apartheid era where some whites stick to their old racist ways The Bangbang Club (2010) - four. Lucille (2000) - doctor working in Uganda through the Idi Amin years Raid on Entebbe (1977) - Israeli raid to free hostages at the Entebbe Airport, Uganda when it was under medelålders kvinna uppkopplad dating webbplatser laholm the murderer Idi Amin Victory at Entebbe (1976) - ditto Zimbabwe X Flame (1998) . Ronald reagan presidency, : more backlash (and Thatcher in Great Britain) The Reagans (2003) - X The Day Reagan Was Shot (2001) - President Reagan Beyond Rangoon (1995) - American tourist gets caught up in the repression of the military dictatorship in Burma Heartbreak Ridge. Philip Randolph works for unionization of black porters.5. . Vijayanagara Empire (1336-1660) - an empire based in South India, in the Deccan Plateau region X Sri Krishna Deva Raya (1969) - Krishnadevaraya (1509-1529 most famous king of Vijayanagara Empire, presided over the empire at zenith Urumi: Warriors Who Wanted to Kill Vasco Da Gama. Fight against Troy: X Troy (2004) - Troy VII (.C.) with Diane Kruger and Brad Pitt Helen of Troy (2003) - Troy falls to the Greeks (with Sienna Guillory) Helen of Troy (1956) - with Rossana Podesta X Iphigenia ( 1977 ) - the. Americanism versus radical islam xxii. great depression UShe Day the Bubble Burst (1982) stock market crash and its effects on some individuals X The Grapes of Wrath (1940) - fleeing from the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma nätdejting nackdelar thaimassage karlskoga nätdejting nackdelar thaimassage karlskoga X The Stars fell on Henrietta (1995) a group suffering in the Texas Dustbowl. German Counter-Attack (Battle of the Bulge) and Beyond XII.1.8. . Matthew) (1964) Jesus as a Marxist X Barabbas (1961) X The Robe (1953) X Peter and Paul (1981) - Peter may have been the rock, but it was Paul that spread Christianity to the non-Jewish world X Life. Robert Maynard of the Royal navy is sent to Jamaica to end Blackbeard's reign of terror Blackbeard the Pirate (1952) - Edward Teach (Blackbeard) captured in November 1718 George II (17271760 X The Massacre of Glencoe (1971) - massacre of the Macdonald Clan by the. Post-War Soviet Union/Russia Stalin (1922-1953 Ballada o soldate (Ballad of a Soldier) (1960) - A sort of Russian road movie about a young Russian soldier's four day trip to go home to see his mother X The Chekist (1992)- brutal Cheka security forces (currently unavailable). Post-War Italy Victor Emmanuel III (19001946) Umberto II - last King of Italy Ladri di biciclette (Bicycle Thief) (1949) - Italy's post-war depression Umberto. France Holland to the French Revolution. Civil rights - south africa.5. 49th Parallel (1941) - a Nazi U-boat crew shipwrecked in Canada try to flee to the neutral United States Action in the North Atlantic (1943) - before Dec. Civil rights - australia Australia (2008) - love story set against background of racism and Japanese attack on Darwin, Australia on February 19, 1942 Newsfront (1978) - follows two rivalries against the background of key political events of the 1950s in Australia Black and White. X The Ten Commandments (1923) - directed by Cecil. Iraq (Tigris-Euphrates River Valley iII. . post-WAR algeria: independence.

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Rise OF mussolini Victor Emmanuel III (19001946) 1900 (1976)  - the Italian Communist Party and the rise of the Black Shirts Tea with Mussolini (1999)  - English women stay in Florence up to and during World War II Garden of the Finzi-Continis (1971)  - Italian. The Time that Remains (2009)  -  occupation of Arab Nazareth by the Israelis and its effects on the Arabs Omar (2013)  -  young Palestinian males versus Israeli intelligence unit egypt Iskanderija. X Refractaire (The Undercover War) (2009)-  in Nazi-occupied Luxembourg 21 year old Francois will have to fight for the Nazis or go into hiding in the countryside iron mines Dutch Resistance: Soldaat van Oranje (Soldier of Orange) (1977)  - Dutch collaboration and resistance to German. So two stories are told. Elliott in England X Mrs. Stonewall (1995)  -  fictional story highlights events of the Stonewall Inn riots of June 27, 1969 starting the modern Gay/Lesbian/ Bisexual/Transgender movement Milk (2008)  -  Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to hold a major political office in the United States The Danish Girl.

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